Friday, February 13, 2015

Thank God for Pinterest!

My daughter texted these photos of her last-minute Valentine's Day cards on her phone last night. She rushed to the store for last minute Valentines which she had forgotten early in the week. She meant to get some items earlier, but as all modern-day Moms know, sometimes you just get busy and things slip by.

That is where Pinterest comes in. She found these Pinterest cards to download and print on her home printer and they were perfect for her boys to take to school this morning for Valentine's Day.

I must admit, Valentine's Day was much simpler in the past when all you had to do was grab a little package of cards at the grocery store or pick up some heart-shaped candies. Sometimes we even made cookies to take to school.

That is not an option anymore with all the diet and other restrictions. Only store-bought and approved school items are allowed.

That is why most of the suggested items are pencils and bagged candies.

I thought my daughter did such a great job and had this done in no time.

Her text in all caps, THANK GOD FOR PINTEREST!

I agree.