Monday, January 5, 2015

Blooms in winter and all year round

I once knew a man who would go out for a walk every morning and returned with a flower for his wife he found along his way, presenting it to her after she woke. He said that there is something blooming almost the whole year through, if you take the time to look.

One day he looked everywhere but couldn't find a bloom anywhere. After his walk, he created a small, simple flower using crayon, paper, and scissor, then presented it to her when she woke. He said that of all the flowers he brought her, this was her favorite and it was still fastened to her bedside lampshade. It is a beautiful story and according to his wife it is a true one.

I was very impressed by this story and often think that there is often a bloom out there if we take the time to look for it.

With this in mind, I was visiting my Mother the other day and as I was about to leave, she suggested I go out and pick some Camellias from her tree beside her house to make a nice bouquet for New Year's Day. As I approached the tree I saw just how beautiful they were. I quickly picked a bunch for myself and for my mother and dressed up her sitting room and my New Year's Eve and Day table with beautiful blossoms.

They are so lovely that I decided that propagating one for my yard from her bush was a MUST.

Though I don't think I will ever have anyone bringing me flowers each day, I will work hard to fill my yard outside with flowers, plants, and shrubs that can bloom all year round so I will have something to grace my table and entryway, maybe not as lovely as these camellias and maybe not every day, but as often as possible. That is my New Year's goal.

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