Monday, January 25, 2016

Time to get ready for seed starting

Even though we are just getting over another "Snowmageddon," spring really is just around the corner. That means it's time to gather your potting supplies, seeds, and tools and start those seeds.

For starting seeds you really do need plenty of seed starting mix. That is probably one of the most important things. People disagree about what kind of mix is needed, and I will be going into that, but it is probably more important to keep seeds warm and moist. At least that is what I have found has added greatly to my seed starting success.

I have seed starting mats that keep my seeds and potting mix warm, but not hot, and I like to have a cover over my seed starting trays that holds in the moisture. I usually purchase the heat mats online but the trays and other supplies I can get at the discount, hardware, or seed stores.

Right now is the time to start scouting for what you need. I love stopping in my local "Dollar store" to see what they have. I found a very small section of potting mix, pots and gloves the other day. The gloves I was really happy to get because they have a plastic coating on them. I've never seen that before at these places. It won't be long until the supplies keep growing there but I can tell it will be a big year for gardening since there are so many supplies being sold so early.

Also, clean your existing pots. Some people use a weak bleach solution but Simple Green is very good for washing pots and it won't ruin your clothes. Sometimes we use strong solutions when we really could get away with using something more natural.

Give your tools a good cleaning, too. After washing them off, clean them with alcohol and then you will be ready when planting time is here.

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