Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Does our garden make us "green?"

When we decided to plant a garden this year, we really didn't do it to be politically correct. We just thought it would be nice to have fresh organic produce without having to pay high prices. It was obvious when we went to purchase seeds and plants that we were not alone in what we were doing. In fact, there were literally hordes of people surrounding every plant and seed aisle I visited.

I knew when I heard the news that Michelle Obama was planning to plant a White House vegetable garden that it must be a factor, but I didn't realize it was going to start such a trend.

Today I decided to compare my garden to our first family's garden but I just could not find any photos of their progress. What a disappointment. I found the official White House photo of the first lady and the fifth graders who began the project on March 20, (see official White House photo above) but I just couldn't find any recent photos.

I decided to show my progress in hopes they would be willing to show theirs. I would think the White House vegetable garden should have less weeds than mine and I can't believe they only have fifth graders coming over after school to help out. Probably the gardeners on staff provide some help, wouldn't you think?

Above, my tomatoes are looking great!

My squash plants are getting huge.

The herb beds are looking very mature, and my squash now has blooms! Maybe I do have a green thumb!

OK Michelle, it's your turn!

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