Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How does our garden grow?

We've had rain and sun. We've fertilized and sprayed insect spray. We have pulled weeds and we feel pretty good about our garden, so far.

Our main garden is looking pretty good. The green beans have grown so rapidly that we have already had to put up poles for them to climb. We knew we were growing some exceptional beans because as soon as we put the poles up, they immediately began climbing them. We feel like very proud parents!

The squash and tomatoes are almost ready to begin producing fruit. I would say another couple of weeks and we should at least have squash blooms. There is one very small green tomato and a tiny, tiny bell pepper but nothing major, yet. We had to replant the pinto beans and the butterpeas but they were peeking out of the ground before a week was over.

Then the weather became cooler. Growing has slowed a bit. Most things look good but our corn -- not so great. We are not ready to show photos of our corn garden. We need to give it some time.

One thing we have already begun to harvest are the herbs. First, stevia and mint for my tea. I can't wait to try it.

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  1. It is all looking so lovely! And that is VERY impressive about your fast-climbing beans!