Monday, February 1, 2010

Reviewing my goals

In order to make sure I keep up my quest to meet my goals for this year, I have decided to review them each month. Though I don't have any completed goals, I have made progress.

I haven't consistently worked thirty minutes a day on organizing, but I have done it some days and I have spent more than thirty minutes on a few occasions. The main thing I want to do is maintain consistency -- I am not there yet, so I need to keep working on that goal. I knew it would be a trouble spot.

On a positive note, my diet is going well and I feel good about that goal. I have reached my goal for blogging each week day. So far, so good -- I just need to keep it up. Plans for my garden are well underway. I feel good about that goal. I have cooked a couple of new dishes that I like so I feel that goal is in progress.

I haven't finished my organizational guidebook but I have made a start. I think I could have done better on that goal and I have been working on designs for my stationary but I don't have anything that is finished. I also haven't finished my personal goals yet and I need to work a little more consistently on that.

I do need to get a start on that basement, it is a huge job and the furniture goal is one I really want to complete. The other goals I am not ready to even think about that. I need to get a few of the others behind me first.

Am I where I had hoped to be at this point? Not exactly but I think it is better to aim high, so I didn't expect to much further along than I am.

If I get discouraged, I just look at my cookbook cupboard which was the most disorganized place in my kitchen and is now 100 percent better. I only have an after photo and it is really not a good one, but the before photo would have been just too embarrassing.

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