Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still finding seeds for our spring garden

Today I was able to stop by Arnall's Grocery to pick up a few more seeds. I really like to get the seeds I need in larger quantities at Arnall's because the larger quantities are cheaper and they are really good seeds. They carry the old reliable kinds of seeds that work in our climate. If you go to the University of Georgia website and look at the Extension office recommendations for which varieties to try, you will see what I mean.

I found collards, greens and English peas today. My basket of seeds and onion sets is getting full.

Instead of an amount the size of a quarter for $1, at Arnall's you get about a quarter to a half cup or more for $2.25 or $4.95, depending on the type of seed. You can also get larger quantities for as much as $8.95 but that is way too many seeds for my garden. I rarely need anything larger than the smallest or medium size.

Yesterday I received the Gurney's seed catalog and I loved that it included a $25 savings certificate. The deal is, if you order at least $25 worth of seeds, trees, flowers, plants, fruit trees or bushes, you get $25 of merchandise free. That is a great deal. I just had to share that news. Just sign up online for their catalog at and you will have until the middle of May to get the deal.

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  1. Love hearing your gardening reports. Now I need to visit Arnall Grocery!