Thursday, December 22, 2011

I haven't posted all week and I do feel kind of bad about it but my husband had minor surgery and I had more duties than I expected in getting ready for Christmas. Today I am back with some last minute Christmas ideas.

Above is my new favorite Christmas tree topper from It's hard to imagine that I am still in awe of all the berries on all the hollies I see EVERYWHERE this year, but I am. This is so beautiful and if I have time, I will add some holly to my tree and all around my house. It's too pretty to pass up this year. It may never be this lovely again!

The simplicity of the table decor from is striking. I love it! The Amaryllis is a beautiful Christmas flower but any red flower would work.

 I love the idea of wrapping gifts in useful kitchen and bath linens, also from This is a Japanese art I would like to learn.

 Thought I had found every kind of cupcake decoration there was? This from escaped my notice -- until now.

I really like this idea because -- well, have you priced the very popular photo cards? You would think that the volume of users would drive the price down but not so this year. With this DIY card you could pose for the shot and then print out the card and cut with an x-acto knife and insert the photo inside. Of course ordering cards might be less time consuming. This would be great gifting and it could later be framed. Neat idea from

Kids love to draw on things and I love these napkins, again There is still time for your kids to do this. It would help to keep them busy now that school is out!

And last from, a favor tree. I love it. This is a great way to be ready when guests arrive. They can leave with a nice gift presented in an easy, yet decorative way.

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  1. Great ideas today, Deberah - I Love that tree topper too AND all the holly berries, they are beautiful this year! Hope your husband has a good recovery and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. I love your blog, I always learn something new and it's such a pleasure 'to visit!' All the best always,
    Joanie, Keith & Nick