Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My St. Patrick's Day Pins

Saturday is St. Patrick's Day and while it isn't a major holiday for most of the US, it is a very big deal in Ireland and certain US cities with a large Irish populations. I know Savannah, Ga. is one of those cities, though the celebration there is more of a secular holiday now.

My grandmother used to say she was Irish, though we haven't uncovered any evidence in our heritage to support her claim. I always think of her when March 17th rolls around because even though we can't prove she was Irish, I remember her fondly on that day.

I pulled these images from my Pinterest account, some of which I probably will use for my grandchildren. They love both minor and major holidays. I particularly like the shamrocks above because I have always heard that St. Patrick taught people about the Trinity by using a shamrock. Even though many historians now say this might be a myth, I really love the way the artist at artprojectsforkids.org used a cross and hearts to make a perfect shamrock. I must say I think it represents St. Patrick, a missionary, better than the four-leaf clover that is supposed to represent "the luck of the Irish."

I also love this rainbow made from fruit. The story of the pot of Irish gold hidden by leprechauns at the end of the rainbow has always been one of my favorites. When I was a very gullible child, I would have tried to chase the rainbow to the end if my parents had let me. This is one of the best decorative food displays I have seen at brandyscrafts.blogspot.com.

And this is so cute! A "sandwich" made from spinach tortillas with grated cheese or carrot for the beard. The fruit on the top looks very much like a rainbow to me. You can find this at brandyscrafts.blogspot.com.

If I could crochet, I would love to make this shamrock to use as a lapel pin. I don't know how, but maybe one day if I develop the skill and have the time. The details are at cache.lionbrand.com.

I really like the corned beef hash, above. I would also cook some of my Brussels sprout heads from my garden to go with it. Go to marthastewart.com to make this and also the one below.

I would probably never make these sandwiches --- but I really love them because they are so pretty, and perfect. I love cream cheese and cucumbers and maybe this wouldn't be as tedious as it looks. Go to marthastewart.com to learn how to make these pretty sandwiches.

I try not to use so much food coloring but I think I should make the popcorn like the bowlful, above right, this year.

And then I have two suggestions for entertainment, which won't add calories, just fun. For the little ones, Leprechaun Bingo. Go to partiesandholidays.blogspot.com to see this and more ideas.

And below is my favorite Irish movie. "The Quiet Man" is the perfect movie to watch for St. Patrick's Day. It is funny, sweet and it tells so much about Irish heritage.


  1. Being a little Irish lass, I had to read your tribute to 'tings" Irish today...especially your reference to possibly the greatest of all John Wayne movies. I have it and put it on every March 17! Looking forward to our traditional cornbeef this weekend.

  2. OH....forgot to add my name to the above post...charlotte from newnan, sorry.

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Deberah! I 'love' all things Irish: growing up, we Donohue's celebrated St. Patrick's Day 'the month of March.' (We thought everyone did!)

    I still can picture my Dad, dressed in his finest Knights of Columbus tuxedo, complete with a fancy 'Knights Hat' with a huge white-plumed Ostrich feather, marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade down Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami.
    Dad and his friends loved marching in parades - St. Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, Fourth of July - they were there, having a Grand Old time! I sure miss him but I will always remember how he made all the holidays so special.
    Hope you and your family have a great holiday, Joanie

  4. Enjoyed seeing all your great St. Patrick's Day pins!

  5. I like your pins .. it's very creative .....!!

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