Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Please, more peas

I am so happy to be starting on our garden this year. The only problem I see is that the warm weather is coming so quickly this year. I do think gardeners are never quite satisfied. One year it's too cold, the next, too rainy and now, it's just a bit too hot!

What will that do for my peas, or rather my pea pods? I think it will be fine as long as it doesn't get too hot before the vines grow.

Last year we grew tons of green peas and a few pea pods and the pea pods were the best. This year we really didn't want to shell and shell and shell peas so we went for just the pea pods to grace our stir-fries and salads and just for the yummy, crunchy goodness of them. I am hoping they have a growth spurt because we are ready for them. Come on peas, we are counting on you!


  1. This netting looks most intriguing! Please share more photos when the peas are climbing--I'd love to see them then!

  2. Great photos, Deberah! Fresh peas are so delicious, good luck with them. I hope it's not too hot, too early for your garden. Joanie