Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't throw away those broken pots!

Recently, while working on a story for our magazine, I was invited to go on a photo shoot to the shade garden of one of our feature writers. It was such a treat for me because while I have made the shade around my house into a big problem, she has turned all her shade into an asset.

One of the things I loved was the way she has recycled old objects, especially old broken pots, to add interest to her garden. I have noticed that one of the pots I got at a yard sale last year is broken and sitting on my back porch. The reason for the broken pot is that I forgot to bring it in for the winter and I know that pots can often break in freezing weather. They are great in summer but don't overwinter well.

Instead of throwing my pot away, I intend using it as a feature in the shade area of my yard. I love the pot above surrounded by ivy and other plants.

The pot above adds just a bit of extra green to a spot. It is such a nice touch. I really appreciated getting a look at Ruth's garden. While I won't tell you the focus of the story in our next issue, I can tell you it will be delightful. It's not about gardening in the shade either, though she could probably give us some great tips. I will not give away the reveal until the magazine is out, but I know you will love seeing just how creative she is.


  1. Thanks for the tip - I look forward to reading the story about her garden, Joanie

  2. You have shared an amazing info!! thanks a lot!! It will be of great use!!