Monday, April 9, 2012

Starting my organic straw bales

We have been working for a few days to prepare our straw bales and we are making progress, though I don't think it really shows. The bales look kind of the same even after watering them for the last few days and topping them with blood meal--but I know they are "cooking" so that they will be prepared for the plants and seeds.

I am not sure if they are positioned correctly because most of the ones I have seen have been end to end rather than side to side but that is the way they were placed, and they do seem to take up less space.

It will take a few more days but we are well on our way to having a mini straw bale garden.

Just to clear up one point. I do realize that these bales are not organic to begin with so even though I am growing everything with organic fertilizers, it doesn't mean the finished product will be totally organic. I do realize that. At some point maybe I will be able to find organic bales, but for now I will use the best things I can to make it as organic as possible.

That is my update. I will continue to give updates as I make progress.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I enjoy hearing about your progress. Joanie