Monday, August 13, 2012

I love buying school supplies!

I love to buy school supplies. Of course this time of the year is just the perfect time to stock up. This past weekend I did just that by buying tons of supplies dirt cheap without even paying taxes.

I know the tax free holidays are primarily to give people with school-age children a break on buying school supplies and I must say I take advantage of the sales every year to refresh my crayon cache, my stash of dried up pens and other things like glue, notebooks, post-it notes, scissors and all kinds of office supplies.

At Kroger the pens and crayons were really cheap and I bought plenty of black ball point pens. I also bought a few blue and red ones. The blue are not my favorite. I can't tell you why. I did have to break a five after buying my bag full of supplies, but I did get change back on that deal and I felt great about knowing I wouldn't have to open my drawer and take out three pens before I could find one that would write.

I have noticed that at Publix, the Sharpies are buy-one get-one free. I always go there for their buy-one get-one deals each year at this time. They have some higher priced items like the sharpies and markers that are really affordable. If they sell out, they will give you a rain check coupon.

Speaking of coupons, there are always a few of those in the papers and online for school supplies and it is good to take advantage of that, too.

I just wanted to share and tell you there are still some great deals out there. You won't find supplies like this at this price until next year. Better stock up!

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  1. Great deals - I love hearing about them. We love the deals that Office Depot offers. Joanie