Thursday, August 16, 2012

Starting seeds for fall

I will admit this is not the most exciting topic ever, but I am nevertheless pretty excited about planting for fall. I am hoping to save money--and also time--by planting seeds I already have in potting soil and moving them to the garden by the end of this month.

 Of course I started with seeds and dirt. I chose organic potting soil which includes fertilizer.

I filled up clean trays (saved from buying plants at the store last year). It is always great to recycle!

Then I poked holes in the soil--evenly spaced of course.

 Dropped in the seeds and patted the soil down.

Then watered thoroughly. All flats were labeled.

Then watered again and placed them in a sunny spot to grow.

It doesn't matter what kind of pots or trays you use, they just need to be clean with the ability to hold dirt and with drainage.

I sat them on the ground (not pavement) and here they are about a week later.

If there are gaps, I will fill in. I think I really need to do that soon.

That's about it. I was trying to wait until we had more fall-like weather before planting them in the garden. It is still Indian summer now but in another couple of weeks the time will be right.

I planted collards, broccoli, pumpkin and cabbage to transplant in the garden.

I haven't tried it before like this because I usually start seeds indoors, but if it works I will save some serious cash and have plenty of greens, too. That is always a good thing.


  1. Hmmm ... never thought of planting my own pumpkins. May have to try that!

  2. Great post Deberah - I appreciate all the details and planting tips, Joanie