Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun with oreos

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a Pinterest photo of Oreo cookies on a stick. The link and instructions are at Lulu the Baker. The recipe and photos are very good. They were so pretty that I just had to make them as a craft and giveaway.

Oreos are wonderfully good when dipped in chocolate of any kind. They are fairly easy to make, though Oreos are kind of hard to work with on a good day. They tend to break and some of mine were broken in the pack. I bought two packs as suggested and found I could "glue" some of them back together with the melted candy coating.

They make a great a very nice bouquet--even better if you put them in a vase. I was trying to protect these so I packed them in tissue in a basket.

Individually, that are cute and we all know that Oreos are yummy dipped in chocolate. What kid wouldn't like to have one of these? I wouldn't advise having too many. This is not a healthy food but this does turn something as simple as an Oreo cookie into a small gift.

My tips: When I bought the candy sticks from the craft store, I noticed the cake pop bags right above them. I bought 50 of them and used just over thirty of them. I tied a knot in the ribbon and then a bow and they are holding well.

For a gluten-free version, buy the gluten-free chocolate cookies with white icing. They more than likely won't have "double-stuff" but you could add a little bit of melted chocolate. I used a cake decorating squeeze bottle, also from the cake decorating section of the craft store to easily squeeze out melted candy coating.

These cookie gifts will go to a classroom of 1st graders on Thursday, hopefully at the end of the day so the kids can come home and run out all that energy!

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  1. ...i went out just to buy these ingredients. i can not wait to make them. thanks for the great idea!