Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My friend Charlotte, known to her garden club friends as the "Straw Bale Lady" has turned me on to a craft I am calling Gooping. She has been purchasing dishes and glassware at yard sales and thrift stores and using a bonding agent called Goop, that according to their packaging claims bonds anything permanently, is making some very lovely and creative art. The best thing is that it costs so little to buy the items and it is so easy to do.

I bought the platter above for under $3.00 and the vase I glued it to for a base was something I've had but never used. Now, since they have been hooped together, I have a nice serving dish.

Above I bought a serving dish and a dessert dish and using goop, put them together. This would be perfect for a cheese ball and crackers. I really love this new craft. I love what can be done with a couple of dishes and a little goop. The dish above set me back about $4.00.

Thanks Charlotte. You are obviously an inspiration!

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  1. Great projects, Deberah - I love how these look! Thanks for sharing these ideas. Our computer has been in the hands of the Geek Squad and I am catching up on my favorite blogs. Thanks for having such an interesting blog, Joanie