Friday, January 3, 2014

Catching up

I have been so busy lately with a number of projects that I haven't had time to update you on what is happening.

This year my daughter and I will be publishing a new gluten-free cookbook. We are so excited that it is almost completed--more than excited, really. It has been very work intensive and we have been cooking and testing for a number of months. Frankly, I am exhausted!

The holidays gave us some new opportunities to bake gluten-free goodies and above are the mostly gluten-free desserts we made for Thanksgiving and we made even more for Christmas and I have taken so many photos for the cookbook.

Above, the fruit and the pecan pies weren't gluten free but the rest--chocolate, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot cakes were gluten-free. Best of all, no one complained and asked me why I would do such a thing. I had mostly good reviews, smiles and full tummies from my family and guests.

I did decide to decorate using green plants from my landscape. Above, a magnolia, pine, camellia and ivy centerpiece.

I even scavenged from family member's yards!

 I did love the Christmas centerpiece made from green plants. My new favorite plant to use in fresh arrangements: Variegated Japanese Acuba, Acuba japonica. I know I will be using more and more fresh green plants from my yard in other arrangements. It is great and SO cheap!

I trimmed my mother's plants and used it in everything. It was great because it stayed fresh a very long time and it is quite showy in arrangements.

I also tried to cook a crockpot gluten-free green bean casserole. I bought Progresso gluten-free soup and fried my own onion rings. It was SO terrible. I tried another recipe, making my own mushroom soup mix and it was better but I am still going to have to work on this recipe. It won't even be in the new cookbook. But, I will guarantee that I will eventually have a recipe that is good.

That's about all. I hope your holidays were wonderful and you have a very blessed New Year!!


  1. Hi Deberah, Congratulations on your cookbook. I'm not much of a cook so I can't even imagine the amount of work that goes into putting a cookbook together. I'm looking forward to buying a copy. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Thank you! I am putting the finishing touches on it now.