Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Helpful kitchen mat

Sometimes I just miss out on new things (and this might not be new), but my daughter had this very cool dish drying mat when I visited her last weekend. She had been using dish towels for washing dishes and letting her clean dishes drain a bit before putting them up.

Now she has these pretty drying mats that look nice and neat and are much better than dish towels. She bought them at WalMart and when I complimented her mats, she bought one for me, too. I must admit that I love it. I just can't decide which side is better. I pictured the patterned side but the soft gray side is very nice and is probably the more absorbent side. Also, it looks good on my gray counter.

For all those who make these simple things that appear in stores and make my life a little more pleasant. Thanks so much! This is just $3.99 and is something I must have from now on since I do cook often and things like my Vitamix blender can't go in the dishwasher. Thanks to my daughter for the lovely little mat.

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