Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A sunflower cake

Believe it or not, this sunflower chocolate cake is gluten-free!! Plus, it was SO easy to do. It was my daughter's Easter cake and I helped a little bit. It really isn't original. She found it on Pinterest.

For this pretty sunflower cake, any iced chocolate cake would do, even a bakery cake. You can get Easter chick peeps on sale now and this sunflower cake would make a beautiful centerpiece for spring and summer.

My instructions: Get some yellow chick peeps, chocolate chips and, of course make or buy a chocolate cake. On the finished cake, place the chocolate chips in the center in circles beginning with one chip in the center. You don't have to go to the edges with the chips. Line the outside edge with peeps. Use this cake for a beautiful centerpiece! Enjoy a rich chocolate treat and wash it down with milk, lemonade, and especially tea. If you are more of a chocolate fan than even me, try it with chocolate milk!

To get the rich chocolate/chocolate cake that my daughter and I made go to 

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