Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Peeps and jellybeans

Last week I attended a luncheon given by the veteran Master Gardeners in our county for the new class of trainees. It was a celebration of making it through the class and passing all the exams. 

The veterans sure did make us feel welcome, not only because of all the good food they served us, but the decorations were really lovely.

One thing I wanted to show off was this beautiful arrangement with peeps, jelly beans and bright yellow tulips. This was so pretty. I could not have imagined the table without it and I think I may just have to borrow the idea for my table for Easter. I just had to snap a photo to share.

It looks like a larger jar with an inside vase that holds the flowers and jelly beans and peeps all around on the inside area. I just really loved it and appreciated the person who made this section of the table so pretty. Great job! And thanks for the great idea!!

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