Monday, September 26, 2011

Garden view

This weekend brought some pretty dramatic changes to our garden. You can tell it looks a bit greener. What a difference a few rainy days makes to a dried up garden!

Our collards, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli look great but the most exciting thing is happening -- our greens are sprouting. It looks all green and fuzzy in our greens row.

There's no sign of beets, carrots, garlic, or spinach. Those take a bit longer. Our lettuce is beginning to sprout but it's only in the beginning stages. It will take a few days more to see green in those rows.

Here's a closer look at the turnip greens. The mustard greens and rutabagas look just like the turnip greens at this point!

And we have some cucumber blooms. We just might have a few late cucumbers before the weather gets too cool. We planted them because we had the extra seeds and were beginning to think they were not going to do anything. They look really amazing now.

I can also see some nut grass sprouting up in the greens. Looking at all the dirt that is showing reminds me that we really need to mulch. That's the next step -- plus the nut grass.

I am waiting for my order of bok choy and organic blue Scotch kale so we can finish our fall garden. They should arrive in the mail within the week.

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  1. Love these photos, Deberah - the turnip greens look like a 'map of voters,' representing the green state! Good luck with your garden, I enjoy reading about it, Joanie