Monday, September 19, 2011

Plant tags have more information than ever

The other day when I was planting my Brussels sprouts, I glanced at the plant tag because I wanted to see just how far to space my plants. When I looked at the back of the tag I notice a QR (Quick Response) code and I was quite excited about this because I knew it probably would lead to a wealth of information from Bonnie Plants on how to grow Brussels sprouts. I scanned the code, using my phone and I was directed to the page below.

QR codes are like little gems all around us that are there to guide us to information on the Internet that is very useful. (Well, that isn't always true. Sometimes it just leads you to a website that might be a waste of time. At other times you can also see useful videos or get coupons. You really don't know til you scan.)

The QR codes from Bonnie Plants are a treasure trove of information. When I scanned the code (with my Android phone) it took me to a website that told me, when to plant, how to plant, what companion plants to use with Brussels sprouts, how to cook them and it even included a video to show me how to plant my brand new plants.

I only recently found out that in hot climates with early warm spring weather (like ours) you really should plant these plants in the fall to harvest in the spring. Had I scanned the tags on the Brussels sprouts I planted last spring, maybe I would have known they wouldn't "make" by hot weather.

You must have a Smart phone and download the free application to scan bar codes but I think the wealth of information from things like these QR codes are just priceless. If you have a smart phone, check it out. I love QR codes and though I wouldn't just scan anything, I will be taking advantage of all the plant information I can find.

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