Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting seeds

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and while everyone else was getting ready to party, I was starting my seeds for spring.

Several weeks ago, I attended a seed planting class taught by Mike Cunningham of Country Gardens Farm and found it very interesting. As I expected, I learned some very important things I didn't know. The first being that seeds don't actually need light to sprout--just heat.

Because of this, I purchased a seed starting heat mat. It heats up the seeds and aids in sprouting. It is waterproof and will heat the soil to an optimal temperature that will help those seeds just sprout up out of the ground. Then I will have to put them under grow lights because then they will need light.

I did make sure I labeled my seeds by putting a label on the side of the flats.

I only have one heat mat so for now. I can only sprout things one flat at a time. My plan is to buy another heating mat next year--so I can grow more seeds simultaneously.

What seeds did I choose to start first? Golden Acre Cabbage, Evergreen Nabuka Bunching Onions, Munstead Lavender and Cilantro. The photos are not too great but  not bad for my basement. I can't wait to see green.

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