Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovely Little Penguin

Monday night at our garden club meeting Charlotte Nelson delighted us by making these cute little penguins. We all thought they were adorable (who wouldn't!) and she said she got the idea online.

How did she make them? Two black olives (pitted), softened cream cheese, dry ranch dressing mix, a carrot (sliced into rounds) and one of those cute umbrellas.

Cut one of the olives in half. Take one carrot round and slice out a "beak" leaving the rest intact (about a sixth of the carrot). Mix cream cheese with ranch dressing mix to taste, then pipe it into the center of the divided olive. Place the other half on top and use the carrot round for the base. Stuff the carrot "beak" into the hole of the other olive. Place it on top of the body and secure with the umbrella. These are great for a party and children will LOVE them!

I took one home to my husband and he had eaten the little sculpture before I could say, "Save this for photos."

He then said "Yum, this is really good!"

I wasn't surprised. It is cute, too!

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  1. I love this appetizer - it's adorable! Thanks for sharing, Joanie