Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl and chicken

I will start off by saying that I like chicken wings, but they are not my favorite. Obviously, I am in the minority on that. Judging from the amount of email newsletters I have received so far this week--especially from the Southern Living, Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens people-- with every conceivable recipe for chicken wings known to man--there will be tons of chicken wings served during the Super Bowl weekend.

Most of the recipes have been either Barbecued or Sweet and Sour, but I have also received recipes for Thai, Jerk, Buffaloed, Crunchy Sesame and the most unusual, Citrus Caramel. I can't imagine what kind of wings people will be eating by Sunday, since each recipe seems to be trying to best the other. The obvious choice for Sunday is chicken.

In our family, we usually go to Publix and pick up some of their fat, tender, juicy wings--that come in a number of flavors.

I do however have a greater appreciation for chicken tenders and I have a couple of options that I prefer to cook on Sunday. One of them is the bacon-wrapped chicken bites, above and the other is Gluten-free chicken bites, below, with agave-mustard dipping sauce, a healthier version--though I may try baking some bacon wrapped wings. Frying them was too messy for me.

I think part of my lack of enthusiasm is due to the fact that our local team, the Falcons didn't make it for the last game. Since our season ended last week, this Sunday is definitely bittersweet. That doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't kick back and enjoy their wings and chicken tenders--either home-cooked or from Publix or Chick-fil-A. It is, at least always fun to watch those Super Bowl commercials.

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