Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taste of Lemon Restaurant

Back before Christmas, before working on the January/February issue of Newnan-Coweta Magazine, Angela (the editor) and I made a short road trip to LaGrange, Ga., to do a little Christmas shopping. We wanted to look for unique gifts in the downtown area and also say a big "Thanks" to the local merchants who advertise each year in our Christmas issue.

The photo above is a not so beautiful photo of the main square in LaGrange, reminiscent (to me) of Savannah with a big central fountain and public area surrounded by shops and public buildings.

We enjoyed our visit, though many of the stores we were planning to visit that day (Wednesday) happened to be closed. We were able to shop at the Marketplace shop where we looked at all of the vintage, antique and other items in a nice, multi-level shopper's delight. I found several presents there and I would love to go back. (It's sad that I didn't realize my reflection was in my photo!)

After shopping we found a real treasure when we stopped for lunch at A Taste of Lemon Restaurant. It is a true gem that was once a historic church, purchased and moved just outside of the main shopping area and across from the parking deck.

In fact, the outside of the main restaurant area looks very much as it once did as you can see in the old photo, below that Angela found of the building when it was a church. It looks like a kitchen was added to the back--I am sure more improvements were made, but the owners were true to the original architecture. I love that.

 As we walked in, we were directed to find a seat in the busy restaurant. We sat in an area I think could have been the choir area and a friendly waitress quickly came over to take our order, as we admired the atmosphere. The interior was bright and cheery and decorated for Christmas. I loved the atmosphere and I am sure it is a popular spot for residents.

I ordered the vegetable plate which, if I remember correctly, was a small serving of all their vegetables. I think there were around ten items and a small square of cornbread. Everything was SO GOOD! I think I ate almost everything and washed it down with a nice glass of tea.

The meat and three was what Angela ordered and her plate was brimming with delicious vegetables, cornbread and quiche--which she couldn't finish. It was all so delicious.

It was one of the best southern cuisine restaurants I have been to in a while. Good food. Nice people. Great atmosphere. It is a true gem. I want to go again.

In a pamphlet on the LaGrange website I noticed that the Taste of Lemon Restaurant was described as the best kept secret in town. I can't see that. I am sure everyone in the surrounding area has gone there for a taste and I am sure, found it very good.


  1. Great post and I love your photos! This sounds like a wonderful restaurant to try, thank you so much for sharing. Joanie

  2. Wasn't that a great time? I say we go again when the new issue goes off!

  3. A prettier picture of the square in downtown LaGrange at Christmastime is at night. The square is decorated in lights and luminaries surround the entire square. It is quite beautiful when you add the lighted fountain into the mix.

    Also wanted to mention that there are several nice restaurants open at night in downtown LaGrange. However, Taste of Lemon is not open at night.