Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Broccoli and broccoli salad

On the last day of the year we went to our winter garden and picked a nice head of broccoli. We haven't harvested as much as we expected when we planted, but since we weren't able to water this season, we were very thankful to get it. We actually picked a few more heads and odds and ends to go with this nice one.

The best thing about fresh broccoli like this is that the flavor is the best. Even heads with loose flowers are just delicious. I think we will have a little more since we have been getting more rain. We still haven't had the best year for our winter crops. Last year was much better than expected and it seems that every season brings its successes and failures. It sure is good when it comes straight out of the garden into the pot.

We usually like our broccoli steamed. We wash it and cut it into smaller pieces and put it in a double pan steamer. We let it steam just until tender but still nice and green. Then we add salt and pepper. It is so tasty and healthy that way.

The other broccoli recipe we have enjoyed lately is one my daughter-in-law found. It's a Broccoli Salad recipe borrowed from Paul Deen. It is a yummy mixture of broccoli, bacon, cheese tomatoes, onions and dressed in a simple mayo-vinegar mixture that would also make a main course. I don't think Paula could make the dish any better than our Holly does. It is really a tasty treat.

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