Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's finger foods

Last week I became a bit nostalgic because I found out that Everyday Foods, one of Martha Stewart's publications (and one of my favorites) would soon be no more. Apparently, it will cease production as a stand-alone magazine and be rolled into Martha Stewart Living, the flagship publication.

I really enjoyed this little digest-sized publication and will really miss it. It was very creative and took into consideration that many women work and want to have really good food with less ingredients and usually less time.

The dish above is a finger-food version of an Everyday Foods recipe, and was called something normal like Chicken Wrapped in Bacon. The original was full sized slices of bacon wrapped around chicken fingers and I adapted it to a finger food dish with smaller pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast wrapped in vertically-halved bacon strips with sage from my garden tucked into the bacon.

It is an ingenious recipe because the bacon shrinks and tightly holds onto the chicken by the time cooking is done--and everything is better with a little bacon. Right?

It is a good recipe I will make again. Frying is always messy but I will make it again. I will also take out my saved copies of Everyday Foods and reread them to find more gems like this recipe. Sigh!

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  1. This recipe looks good! I enjoyed Everyday Foods too - I liked the size of the magazine, very handy in the kitchen. Hope you have a great new year, Joanie