Friday, January 11, 2013

For Valentine's Day: More Oreo Pops

After I posted a blog on Oreo Pops that made great Christmas favors, my friend Charlotte Nelson sent me these photos of the pops she made to give out at a Christmas party. I loved the way she put them on long sticks and turned them into Posie-Pops! Cute basket!

Her photos started me thinking about how versatile these pops could be. With no cooking and a not too much effort, you can make these pops into favors for almost any occasion.

 I really loved the way Charlotte made these her own by using crushed Oreos to garnish her pops as I did. (See mine pictured below.)

These would make great Valentine pops just by changing up one or more things. You could use pink candy coating, available at craft stores or pink hearts, especially if you could find some small, red hearts. I did find one photo with pops made for Valentine's Day.

This one uses chocolate coating with red hearts and crushed candy and can be found at If you have a Pinterest account, just log in and type in Oreo pops and you will be amazed at the ideas there.

Here is the link to my blog post giving the details of how to make them and happy pre-Valentine's Day favor-making. Your friends will love you for these yummy treats.


  1. Fantastic work guys im a fan of your website.
    valentine bouquet

  2. Those 'pops' look great! Makes me want to reach out and take one. Thanks for sharing, Joanie