Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Update

There is still blizzard conditions in parts of the mid-and northeastern U.S. this week but here in Georgia, we are beginning to sense that spring is around the corner. I think I can hear it in the birdsong which has increased the past week or so but then maybe it's just because I have been starting seeds at breakneck speed in the hopes that I can soon plant something in our garden.

Above, the cilantro plants are beginning to show their lacy-edged leaves.

My English Munstead lavender now has five or six leaves on each plant.

And the Dukat dill is beginning to look like a pretty fern as it grows taller.

 Every evening, after work I have been laboriously transplanting young and tender plants into newspaper pots filled with potting mix and sitting them all around in the basement. It looks kind of like a plant bargain basement downstairs and I am in hopes that I can plant them outside pretty soon.

Above on the left is pink and white allysum, center back--jalapenos, basil and German chamomile and in the right front, Chianti Rose (from Renee's Seeds) tomatoes.

Above is a boring photo of dirt and peat pots but under the dirt, from the left are Pablo Ancho peppers, Chianti Rose (Charlotte Nelson) tomatoes, Dr. Wyche--yellow heirloom tomatoes and green zebra tomatoes.

And above, another view inside my mini-greenhouse rooting environment. My rooting stock in beginning to sprout nicely and we are almost at the two week mark. The little plants at the bottom are my tea plants, camellia senensis plants. Things are looking good to me. I hope roots are growing!

That's my update as I furiously get ready for spring--which I think is almost here.

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