Monday, March 18, 2013

Southeastern Flower Show: A visual tour

On Friday, I made the short journey to the Southeastern Flower Show with some of my fellow Crossroads Garden Club members and we were just in heaven. There were beautiful things to see in every direction.

In fact when we arrived, I wanted to take a photo of everyone in front of the pretty Southern Horticultural Society living logo and ... they all disappeared. Obviously, they couldn't hear me when I said "Group shot, everybody."

There were pretty weeping trees of all kinds, ...

and no shortage of encore azaleas.

There were some very pretty azaleas of different colors.

The knockout roses weren't all red. I loved these pale pink ones.

And beautiful bouquets of a variety of flowers in similar colors.

I immediately saw seedums growing on a post. That was unusual. I asked how they were watered and apparently it is with an irrigation system embedded in the post. Who knew that was possible?

And the white column of sheer restful pleasure--so pretty.

Who wouldn't be inspired by a greenhouse made of windows.

 I stopped to chat with a lady manning the Home Depot exhibit and found that she was a member of the oldest garden club in the country. I loved the vegetable garden on one side and the flowers on the other. The feed sacks and gourd birdhouses along with old cans and containers were great. I don't think I would have thought of the gourds and burlap bags on a rope but it was the perfect touch.

I must say there were vegetables everywhere. Corn was growing in large containers with flowers all around and herbs and vegetables in every conceivable container and space.

 The first unusual plant we saw was this caramel coral bell surrounded by greenery.

 Koi, anyone? I think I wouldn't mind having a koi pond.

I hadn't seen Callaway Gardens making a showing the last couple years at this show but they had a real show stopper--along with all kinds of architectural objects.

This support makes a beautiful statement.

And if you have ever been to Callaway Gardens, you will know this exhibit represents the country charm of their beautiful gardens.

It was very interesting to me that one of the exhibits was basically a graveyard with an obelisk in the center and stone benches and pseudo headstones around. I thought it was really beautiful and thought about all the homecoming days at churches where they have a grounds keeping day. Kind of old-fashioned, but nice and pretty.

This angel statue surrounded by herbs and shrubs was nice, too.

This exhibit featured a children's garden. I love the shrubs in burlap bags.

I am sure I would have benefited from hearing more of the speakers but when I passed by this stage, the topic was Hills and Dales estates and garden in LaGrange. I wanted to raise my hand and say, "Excuse me, I have been there and it is lovely. "

I restrained myself but the speaker was saying, "In the beginning, God ..." and if you had ever been there, you would know what he means.

 There were plenty of juried exhibits. Above begonias in a dish garden.

This one are the prize-winning group of camellias.

A beautiful pale peach day lily.

One of the winning entries for "Eat Your Fruits and Veggies," began with this cute school desk.

A group of flowered hats. The winner is above.

The moss on this one looks like real hair.

This hat is totally made from moss and the "feathers" are made from basil, I think.

When I took one look at this one and I thought--Gone With the Wind.

 The orchids were so beautiful, too.

 And I loved this exhibit that was kind of like a 3-D shadowbox.

There there were the table settings. They were so quaint.

An upside down trash can could make a good seat.

On the plate--I think was "An apple of the day."

An whole bunch of apples make up this table setting, along with apple dishes.

I think this was my favorite--pot pillows and a table on spades.

The last thing for today, a beautiful teacup arrangement.

I will continue tomorrow. It may take all week to show you everything.


  1. These are awesome! Thank you for making me feel I was there!

  2. Love the pictures! Wish I was there!! Just found your blog and love all your posts. Just wish you had a subscription button so that I can get all your post in my email :-( Your newest follower!

  3. Hello Deberah, love (love, Love!) your post today! I may not make it to the flower show, but thanks to you, I feel like I have had a front row seat! Beautiful photos (I could not have asked for better photos!) and great information too.

    By the way...I had a chance to visit La Grange (for the very 1st time, last Saturday) and everywhere I went, the nicest shops had the Newnan Coweta magazine on display. I was very impressed with the beauty of the Downtown area and the friendliness of the shop owners. I am definitely going back! And...

    ...on my way out of town, I passed by the 'Lemon House' restaurant! I remember reading about it in your column and I made a quick u-turn and headed inside the restaurant. Unfortunately, it was 'closed' to the public (they were having a baby shower-tea), But, there were two very nice ladies there who gave me a menu and I shared with them how a wonderful writer in Newnan (You), had written a great review of their place...

    Thanks to you, I was able to stop in and have a visit with these fine Southern women - they were so gracious and kind - I am definitely going back! I look forward to reading 'Everyday Finesse,' it's so well written and informative. Thanks again and all the best, Joanie

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