Thursday, March 21, 2013

More about the Flower Show

There are always things that you really like that don't neccessarily appeal to anyone else. I imagine that I'm not the only one who likes them but I think what I like is not everyone's cup of tea.

Above, a display of Mr. Cason's Garden (from Callaway Gardens): I love animals made from shrubs, vines and flowers. It reminds me of Disney World. I don't think I would have one in my yard but a cute bunny pushing a wheel barrow a la Peter Rabbit always makes me smile.

Calla lilies: In all colors--in all varieties, they are always beautiful to me.

This little girl is adorable. She looks too little to be able to read but her parents have sure instilled a love of books in her. Now really, isn't that a cute picture?

I have some bamboo drying out, just to make this sort of thing. This is a bamboo teepee/garden arbor/kids hideaway. I love, love love it.

My sister and I spied this compost bin at the same time. She said, "This might be better than our round, plastic one we have at home."

She is probably right. This would hold a great deal of compost and I love that it is low-tech.

I really need a cold frame. This is another low-tech thing that will never go out of style.

Elvis: One of our garden club members said she would be happy to pose beside him anytime.

Ferns: I have too much shade in my yard and I need to learn to love ferns more. They are pretty and add variety and best of all, green.

The pseudo-cemetery: I really loved the serenity of this exhibit. I think cemeteries should be garden spots and they have done a very good job here.

I really loved the lenten roses, helleborus. They add to the serenity and are evergreens.

And this was the "eat your fruit and veggies display. It has everything including mushrooms. A photo doesn't do it justice but this was one of my favorite things.

I really loved the way the fruits and veggies added to the pretty flowers in this exhibit. I didn't really get it because it is very odd. Hate the fireplace and ashes--love the arrangement. I guess this could be, "I am intensely ardent, passionate or flaming for fruits and veggies."

I know that May Day is said to be a pagan celebration, but we always had a Maypole at my elementary school and I will always love them. It was amazing how the participants wove a colorful pattern on the pole. I can't help it, it was pretty and fun. This exhibit made me think of school days and maypoles. It was nostalgic.

And because everyone who goes to a Flower show where one of the speakers is Vince Dooley, legendary football coach turned master gardener and author, would have to like this one. This is for you.

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  1. Hello Deberah, another great post! I love these displays, they give me such good ideas. I also like how they included all the vegetables, including mushrooms. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos - I feel like I've been to the show.
    With appreciation, Joanie