Monday, September 16, 2013

Curtain fixes

My mother's curtains weren't working for her. She had 1/2 inch curtain rods and 2-1/2 inch pockets on her curtains. Above, the curtain rod fix. The before curtains were all floppy and the curtain ruffle at the top kept flopping over.

We started out just looking for 2-1/2 inch pocket rods. In fact we searched all over town and found a variety of sizes but no 2-1/2 inch ones.. We finally decided to fashion new rod extensions to make her rods wider using the old inexpensive rods.

At Hobby Lobby I found some very think fusible interfacing. I cut it into 4-7/8 inch strips the width of the windows and folded the strips in half.

I then was ready to fuse the sides together to make a tube to insert the rod.

The interfacing was easy to seal together with a hot iron on the wool setting. I ironed the bottom third which fused the interfacing together.

I then slid the rod inside the interfacing, taped the edges to the rod and slid the interfacing-covered rod into the curtain pocket and the curtain was ready to hang.

I had to adjust the gathers so that they looked evenly spread across the rod but the curtains look great and we have since done the same thing on the curtains in her other room.

This fix was very inexpensive since I had a coupon for 40 percent off at Hobby Lobby and I was very happy to finish the project. It was tedious and frustrating at times but the curtains now look better than ever.

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