Thursday, September 19, 2013

New hydrangeas

Last year I planted an oak leaf hydrangea and sadly it didn't make it though the year because the weather was just too dry. I did water it but obviously not enough because when this summer rolled around my hydrangea was just a little dried-up stick.

This morning I went to my Mother's house to dig up a few hydrangeas and hopefully they will survive the fall. I was waiting until this little dry spell was over but since it has stopped raining, I will just have to water a bit to maintain healthy plants (I hope!).

I volunteered my husband to help with the digging and I am glad I did because it certainly was dry and the ground was very hard. We dug up about five plants and began planting on the two spots I decided were the perfect places for my new grape leaf hydrangeas.

The first place was in between two of my crepe myrtles at the end of my driveway.

And the other, I placed to the right of the center crepe myrtle tree. I thought small ones would be better because I really want to keep these plants smaller under these trees.

 The other I planted in the same general area as last summer's poor dead hydrangea.

I potted a few trees. One of them will go to our longtime friend and garden club member, Daphne. I will water it faithfully until next week when I take it to her. It is looking quite good now.

This year I am planting at the recommended planting time and I love it. I don't always time my planting at the optimum time.

So folks, it is time for fall planting. If I can time it right--anybody can! Good luck to both of us.

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