Monday, September 9, 2013

Yard sales and questionable choic

The Ragu vs. Prego commercial sometimes gets on my nerves, but I must admit that when I was looking over some of my latest yard sale buys I scratched my head and wondered, "What other questionable choices have I made lately?"

Here are a few.

Above I purchased a not so nice mandolin for a dollar. I knew it would probably never be used to entertain company with strains of country music, but if I do a good job restoring it, I could use it as a wall-hanging.

The chair I bought at a thrift store in Florida. It was $3, worth every penny (I hope) and one day I will try to restore it with all new materials. I will strip it down to bare wood. No stuffing will remain, only new everything, including a nice coat of stain and poly. I'm only out a few bucks if I mess it up.

This chest was only $5. I will sand it smooth and probably paint it black. It will be used in my half-bath for bathroom tissue, soap and towels. I think it is at least structurally sound. We'll see how long it takes me to start this project.

I love, love, love this little book of poems about flowers. I bought it to use for graphics in art projects. It is old, worn and a thing of beauty to me. I think I paid $2. Might not have been a bargain but still, I love it.

I bought this at a thrift store in town and though it is not in the best shape, the drawer pulls match my dining room furniture. I am thinking, restain, poly and a nice marble or granite top. I think I might have paid as much as $15 for this future piece of furniture for my dining room.

Above, a fireplace insert. I have always wanted one and I don't know if this one will work in my fireplace but I thought I could resell it for the five bucks I paid for it.

When my husband saw this in the car he said, "We really need to talk."

We then had a discussion about how sometimes things could burn the house down and would I please just give him a call before purchasing something like this again.

It looks like people are beginning to pull out things for fall and yard sales are beginning again. I love it. I hope I can use all the things I bring home but I am sure some of my purchases will be questionable. I just can't help but think if I redo some of these "treasures," what little money I have invested will surely be worth it.

I think my husbands rebuttal would be, "Maybe."

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  1. Hello Deberah, I love your purchases, all of them: practical items, good prices, creative ideas - why, if you were a contestant on HGTV's 'Flea Market Finds' (hosted by Lara Spencer from Good Morning, America), you would probably win a prize!

    'Flea Market Finds' is such an interesting show - they give two teams of contestants some shopping money, set them loose at a Flea Market...

    Later, the teams must 'convert' their 'flea market finds' into 'treasures!'

    Whichever team ends up selling their finds for the most money (and, have spent the LEAST on the items, initially), they end up winning five thousand dollars. I bet you would do really well! Thanks for sharing your finds, I love your blog. Have a great weekend, Joanie