Thursday, March 13, 2014


I've never seen bluebirds at my house but a couple of weeks ago, I was looking out my window at my little suet holder and I had a big shock when I saw a bluebird! I snapped a photo with my iPhone.

And it appears he saw me looking at him! I think the look says, "Hey you! What are you looking at?" Maybe it was my imagination, but the body language just spoke to me.

Though I didn't get to many photos because I didn't want to spook them, I began to see bluebirds all around--on the ground, in the bushes nearby and I was just amazed. I had never seen a bluebird around here, and now there were at least a dozen, maybe two!

After a while they seemed to disappear and I hurried to look up why so many bluebirds had congregated here at one time. Apparently, bluebirds migrate in flocks and, lucky for me, my suet tree was the place they chose that day.

They were still hanging around for part of the next day and they ate almost all the suet. Then they were gone. They left me feeling good about seeing them and experiencing their migration. Soon they will be many miles away and not in their flocks until the weather turns cold again.

I might never see another flock of bluebirds, but I was very pleased to see them this day, and to feed them berry suet on a blustery day.

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