Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My new portable PVC Light Stand

I've been pretty busy lately but I know it is time for starting seeds. This year, my very nice and handy husband made something for me to use while in the basement trying to coax my seeds into nice plants for my summer garden. It is something recommended by Walter Reeves in his book, Georgia's Gardening Guide.

The pattern is also thankfully on his website and I do believe there is a nice download to help you get started. The photo below should link you right to the how-to instructions Reeves has so graciously put on his website.

Then, you can start your seeds with a DIY tool that an expert recommends.

I am beginning to see the two little leaves peeking out of my seed trays. They REALLY love that light. I will show you more photos of my new plants, grown under my new and improved lights very soon.

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