Monday, May 19, 2014

A weekend at the GFAF Expo

This past weekend, my daughter and I set up shop at the Gluten Free and Allergy Free Expo at the Cobb Galleria.

This week I want to dedicate my blog to information about products and information I learned about at the rewarding expo.

We sold our books to dozens of wonderful people who came, hoping to find some good products to aid them in their gluten-free and allergy-free lifestyle that they have to cope with in order to have productive lives without wheat and a long list of other ingredients. Things like peanut allergies and tree nut allergies, egg allergies and SO many more.

I was so impressed because the people were so happy to be there--FINALLY! a place where people made them feel special, rather than excluded!

You can see a few of the products on our other blog: No apologies GF

No Apologies Gluten-free.

We even have this unfortunate selfie of my daughter and me that was taken after we set up our booth. I think selfies should probably be illegal, but that's is how I look early in the morning.

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