Friday, May 23, 2014

More good foods from the GFAF Expo

At the GFAF Expo this past weekend I saw a number of new gluten-free products I would like to mention. I tried many of them and most were very good, especially to those who hadn't been eating any cakes, cookies, pies, fried foods and one of my favorites--tortillas.

Many vendors were really rolling out and baking pizza after pizza for attendees. It was a popular item. (To be fair, some of our local pizza places now have a gluten-free menus, including my favorite, Partners II Pizza which is the best pizza ever--but that is a topic for another day.) Above is the pizza served at the Smart Flour booth.

But back to tortillas--Rudi's has a new tortilla in several flavors and I tried a quesadilla they were dishing up. It was better than any gf tortilla I have tried so far. Rudi's has a compete line of organic wheat breads sold at Whole Foods. The gluten-free products have only been around a few+

Other new products on the horizon:

Ener-G is coming out with a new line of bread mixes and have hamburger and hot dog buns. Imagine that. They also have flours, dough amendments and a line of cookies, bread mixes and too many products to name. It will be very interesting to try their new breads.

Smart Flour is out with pizza, crusts, desserts and amazingly, hamburger buns. They were telling me that they are beginning to sell their gf crusts and buns to local and national vendors--so, when you go to a restaurant, you may be tasting a Smart Flour product. They also have a flour that is a mix of sorghum, amaranth and teff that they call "ancient grain." I would love to try it but I haven't seen it in local stores around here.

Udi's, clearly the biggest player in the gluten-free market is really one of a group of companies in the "healthy-eating/lifestyle" business. They have almost everything you can name, including a whole line of breads, muffins, snack foods, pizza crust and well--everything. Some of their products are good and some are very, very good. Go to their website to see their full line of products. They offer coupons, too.

Glutinos, a partner with Udi's has those really good gluten-free pretzels, seems to be branching out with new products, especially snack foods, cookies, baking mixes, and even a sports/energy drink that is a bit like a milk drink. Also, they have a toaster pastry. How mainstream is that?

 Plentils is a snack new product we tried by Enjoy Life. They also have their full line of delicious cookies that my daughter raves about and their new chips that include lentils were good and come in SO many flavors. Enjoy Life also carries gf chocolate chips so we have liked them for quite a few years for that. They seem to specialize in allergen-free products, not just gluten-free. If you tried them in the past and weren't that impressed, try them again. Their cookies and snack bars ARE better than ever. You can also get a coupon on their website.

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