Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Atlanta's Gluten-free bakeries begins with American Gra-Frutti

During the next few weeks, I will be giving a shout-out to our local Atlanta area bakeries who specialize in cooking up gluten-free treats and make up mixes for people to buy.

One of my very favorites is American Gra-Frutti, owned by Marilyn Santulli.

Marilyn found she was gluten intolerant as she was about to open her bakery and quickly turned her business into a celebration of gluten-free baking.

We tried a number of her products and they were all just great!

Her cheese straw, cheese buttons, and graham crackers were simply wonderful! (Yes, I did say gluten-free graham crackers!)

My obvious favorite were the graham crackers though the cheese straw were not far behind. They were crisp and tasty with the perfect amount of heat. The cheese buttons were greatly appreciated by our gluten-intolerant young tasters. I think they could replace any cheese cracker on the market.

Marilyn has been on the news, featured in magazines and is now being sold at Whole Foods. This is quite an accomplishment for anyone, especially someone who makes a gluten-free product.

We will also trying out one of her bread mixes this weekend and will give a full report on that, too.

American Gra-Frutti is located in Roswell but their full line of products can be found on their website. It would be worth your while to at least check out since there are a number of very interesting recipes on this website, too.

Go to to explore. All her recipes and products are gluten-free and everything I tasted was very good.

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