Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Healthier, easy cookies?

This Christmas I am trying to be a "little" healthier while I do my Christmas cooking. I bought these break-and-bake cookies at a buy-one-get-one sale at Publix, so I really hope they are healthier because I am serving them to my grandchildren. At least I know they don't have trans fats and no high fructose corn syrup. I do think they are better for you than other break-and-bakes and they are very, very tasty. I feel much better about them than other brands.

They come 24 to a pack so there are as many cookies as some cookie recipes, and boy are they easy to bake. Twelve to fifteen minutes and they are done -- great in a pinch. They also say they are "cookies with a cause" but I couldn't exactly figure out what the cause was -- it looks like they may participate in fundraisers. That can't be a bad thing but I am baking them because, 1 -- Easy, and 2 -- no trans fats. Of course they still have fat and sugar, just not the really bad kind.

I say eat them in moderation and take a holiday from all that cookie batter!

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  1. Hey, these are the same folks who made those great scones you found!