Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My favorite ornament

I really would prefer to wait until a couple of weeks before Christmas to put up my tree -- my husband likes the tree up as soon as possible. He loves colored lights -- I like white lights. He would like the lights to blink -- I really don't like that at all.

We do try to compromise. We usually put the tree up about three weeks before Christmas. We had colored lights for years and now have white lights (it's my turn). We no longer have blinking lights. That is something I think is better left to neon signs.

One thing we go agree on is that we love our ornaments. They have so much meaning for us and we lovingly get them out and decorate our tree each year. Above is a photo of my favorite ornament, crocheted by my mother, years ago. Isn't it beautiful?

I have quite a few angel ornaments for our tree.

And the ornament above is a dollar store find. I really love the glittered reindeer with small jingle bells and I really, really love the fact that this ornament only cost me fifty cents. I usually stop by the Dollar store before Thanksgiving each year because I always find something interesting in the ornament section. I think this was my favorite dollar store find.

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  1. That crocheted ornament is quite beautiful, and I'm sure the fact your mother crocheted it makes it even more meaningful to you. And I like your dollar store reindeer too! If you saw that by itself at a "boutique" for $4.99, you wouldn't think a thing about it, would you?