Friday, December 11, 2009

Unexpected presents

Yesterday, I arrived home to find some unexpected gifts from my sister, sitting on my front steps. Actually one is a present and one is a loaner. The jingle bell wreath was the present and I just love it! It is made from large jingle bells stung onto wire and finished with metallic holly and a metallic bow. I haven't decided where to hang it but I will definitely display it in a prominent place.

I think this would be an easy project for anyone. These are large jingle bells but any size would work. It makes a nice jingly sound so I am thinking about putting it on a door somewhere. I really love it and appreciate the gift!

Then she brought me over this beautiful vase as a loaner. It is beautifully hand-painted and would be easy to make. Just use glass paint and you can turn a simple vase into a keepsake. Great for DIY folks -- and it would make a beautiful gift.

She also brought me some holly with beautiful berries, and other cuttings for swags, wreaths and of course for the beautiful vase she loaned me. Thanks sis!

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  1. Easy to make IF you had any artistic talents! (And I know you do!) This is great!