Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating local farmers markets

If you want to have an instant desire to go to your local farmer's market to buy vegetables, just pick up a copy of Southern Living Farmers Market Cookbook. It is a feast for the eyes and has plenty of recipes and tips for shopping at your local market.

I especially love cookbooks that have southern recipes with an added flair and there is plenty of flair in this cookbook. It's not just a vegetable cookbook but has recipes from all food groups. You get the feeling the dishes would be extra fresh and that would be true if you bought local or grew the produce yourself -- as I plan to do.

As I thumbed through it, I found myself wishing it was time to harvest and shop from local vendors. I remember going to the Atlanta Farmer's Market when I was a child and I am sure I would love to go even now, but I can't imagine why, since there are a number of local markets and local farmers that sell fruits and vegetables throughout the summer.

I made a list of some I have heard about.

Coweta Farmers Market, 95 Temple Ave., Newnan, Ga.

Sugar Magnolia Farm, 110 Pelham Trail, Newnan, Ga.

Main Street Newnan Market Days, LaGrange St., Newnan

Fern Cove and West Farms (Selling at the Coweta Farmers Market)

Country Gardens, Lower Fayetteville Rd., Sharpsburg, Ga.

I wanted to mention my friends, Karen and Evertt Parrish who have a huge garden and sell vegetables and eggs from their porch on Dolly Nixon Rd., in Senoia.

I am sure there are many others and if you want to leave a comment about other farmers who sell locally, please let me know. I would love to keep a running list.


  1. Great list! I just learned about two I've never heard of. Thanks!

  2. I want to buy eggs from the people in Senioa, can you post their house number here?
    Nita Roper