Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rain and radishes

Radishes are not one of my favorite vegetables but I do like radishes in my salad -- they add a nice peppery flavor.

I must admit I am especially fond of these radishes because this is the third time we have planted them in the past year and it took three times to be successful.

Radishes are one of the first vegetables of the spring to produce. A few weeks ago, after we planted them, I thought we probably would not have any because they were accidentally plowed under. We also plowed under the onions we planted with them and now both the radishes and onions are doing well -- so well that we will be able to have them in our salad tomorrow.

After this last rain they practically exploded out of the ground. They really are the fastest-growing vegetable I have ever seen -- literally popping up overnight. I think the recent rain made a real difference in how fast they have grown.

My husband picked them and pre-washed them for us. We don't have very many yet, but I don't think we will have to wait long. I also think we had better enjoy them while we can because they probably won't be good for a long time. If things get really hot and dry, they will get too spicy and fibrous rather than tender and juicy, like they are now.

We can have them with our freshly-picked lettuce. Yum.

After the rain this week we have a number of things that are doing well. Really, everything looks good. I have never seen potato plants this tall. I am wondering if our garden has had perfect weather conditions for growing or is it because we have done a good job? Maybe a little of both.


  1. Your garden is beautiful! Your inspiration has me headed to the garden.

  2. Wow, this is really a picture perfect garden!