Thursday, June 17, 2010

Corn, hope and Hepburn

During this past week, our corn has grown exponentially. It was barely there, then it was sparse. We had to fill in with fresh seed and, finally, it began to grow. Now it is getting tall and doing much better. If it continues, our lower garden will be a huge success (at least compared to last year). You can see at the left that we also have a little squash there, too. We are so pleased. After last year, anything we harvest there would be a small improvement. This is a huge improvement. 

We have certainly tried, but I don't think we can take all the credit. I think the weather has been favorable. I think corn likes the recent warm weather, also the watering and nitrogen. See, it is "tasseling out" -- not a good technical term, but that is all I know to say about the stage it is in now.

You can see above, the little ears of corn that are beginning to form. Corn is probably every one's favorite summer garden vegetable, besides tomatoes. I can't wait until we grill it. It is the perfect way to serve corn -- on the cob, a little butter -- with dental floss handy for anyone who needs it.

I once read that Katherine Hepburn -- reportedly a great garden enthusiast -- was known to go into a corn field, pick, shuck and eat corn straight out of the garden. She said she loved it warm from the sun. I don't know if that story is true, but I love it and hope it is true. I don't think eating it raw is the best idea, but I can understand her enthusiasm for a good ear of corn.


  1. Good luck with your corn! You're right, corn and tomatoes are some of my favorites, well then fresh peas are good too...thanks for sharing your garden with us, Joanie

  2. I can certainly agree with Katherine Hepburn. I can remember as a kid being in my grandfather's garden and him giving me raw corn to eat. It was wonderful! I can't speak about whether or not it was good for me, so perhaps it was good my mother didn't know!