Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monogrammed gifts are a great idea

I apologize, but I have to postpone the cake sculpture diagram and recipe until tomorrow because of computer problems. My computer will be back from the shop any day now (It was supposed to be today!) and I will continue sharing my cake recipe and diagram. Instead I want to share about a nice gift I received.

My favorite "padfolio" was a gift I received for Mother's Day from my son, his wife and daughter. It is embroidered with my initial on the cloth cover surrounded by colorful polka dots. Inside it holds a nice legal pad, perfect for a person like me who loves to jot down notes. I just love this gift. In fact, I just love things that are monogrammed. I guess you can take it too far, but I wish I would think to give monogrammed gifts more often.

I can see this notebook for a small gift for the graduate or most anyone who needs to take notes or make lists. Isn't that everyone? OK, I can't see my husband liking this one, it might be a little too feminine, but he would like one with a simple (or no) pattern. He might even like a monogram. I don't know. But this is one of those great ideas I rarely think of in time to order it!

There are dozens of websites that feature monogrammed gifts and there are local stores that will monogram almost anything. You don't even have to buy it from them. Last year, I bought my mother a Vera Bradley bag and had it monogrammed. It was very pretty.

Have your college student's towels monogrammed so they will be easier to identify when they pack up to come home. It is hard to argue with someone if the towel obviously has your initials on it and I know towels make great monogrammed gifts.

I like to buy gym bags for students and have their initials monogrammed on. It is easier to identify the bags and it does add a certain value to almost any gift. It says you thought enough of someone to do a little extra. You might also think about buying monogrammed water bottles or backpacks.

The most unusual gift I have had monogrammed was golf balls. They add a little something extra and most companies do them for very little or for free. You can't confuse your ball with someone else's when your name it on it.

Note cards are always a good gift and you can find some beautifully monogrammed ones at almost any gift shop or online. The list could go on.

I hope to keep this in mind from now on. I owe my son and his family a big thank you for the idea.


  1. I love the 'padfolio!' I enjoy monogrammed gifts too. They make for memorable gifts, Joanie

  2. That is a super cute padfolio. Do they remember where they got it?