Monday, February 21, 2011

 As I was driving to work last week, I kept seeing these little yellow signs all over the place -- Movie Crew Parking and JN. I also noticed that Broad Street was blocked off in places. I decided to take some photos and see if it was the new movie called Joyful Noise that was filming in Newnan. (Those JN signs were a pretty clear clue.)
I found this on Facebook about the movie:
Dolly Parton makes her big screen comeback for the 2011 Musical "Joyful Noise", alongside Grammy-winning actress Queen Latifah. The gospel-musical centers on an unlikely friendship that's the result of a choir director's death. His widow (Parton) assumes she's going to be left in charge of the struggling choir, but a strong-willed mother of two (Latifah) has already taken on the job. Soon, they learn to work together, and with the help of the choir, make musical magic on stage. The two team up for Dolly's first big-screen debut since 1992's Straight Talk. Set to come out summer of 2011. Shooting starts in January. Who else can't wait?
Screenplay By:
Todd Graff
Produced By:
Warner Brothers 
 Pretty cool, huh? I am not a celebrity chaser but it is interesting when "Hollywood" comes to your town. I would have gone a street over and taken some photos but the police were stopping would-be gawkers, as I would have become. I am not sure if the stars were in our town but it is nice to have the movie filming here because I would imagine it helps our local economy.
The great thing about it was everything seemed to be handled in an orderly fashion. It was exciting for a couple of days for us and I think the filming will be moving on this week to Atlanta. I only wish I could have gotten some better photos.


  1. Hello, Deberah - love your post: I had a chance to spend a little time Friday afternoon, watching them shoot the movie on Broad Street.

    It was so interesting and I think so much of Dolly Parton, for all her talents and for all her charitable contributions (Dolly donates a lot of funding for books, a 1st time Reading Program, back in Tennessee).

    It was fascinating to watch: You could hear the Director say 'ROLLING!' and then later, 'CUT!' And then, a 'Dolly Spotting:'
    a car pulled out from the house they were shooting at, the window rolled down and there was Dolly, waving and saying, 'Hello, everybody!'

    The car moved over to the trailer area and when Dolly got out of the car, she turned to the small crowd and said 'Thanks for coming by!'
    I can't wait to see this movie and I think it's a wonderful opportunity for Newnan, on so many levels.

  2. Joanie! That is wonderful. I am so glad you were able to have a "Dolly spoting." Wish I could have been there with you!

  3. That would have been fun, Deberah - and with your camera, there'd be photos to share! Maybe next movie...Have a great day, Joanie