Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A site for good solid health tips

Last year, a book called Dr. Ann's 10 Step Diet was recommended to me by my doctor who thought following its advice might get my bulging waistline under control. I read the book and really liked the information which was simple, made sense and was based on both scientific studies and Dr. Ann's own medical experience. Dr. Ann Kulze is a medical doctor and a nutritionist -- a rare combination in the medical profession.

After I read the book and began to follow her advice, I looked up her website and found tons of resources for healthy advice on nutrition. She gives you recipes and videos, delivered with a little bit of southern charm, since she lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

I must admit that as much as I like her advice, I do find all diet books to be a little dry and boring. Maybe it is impossible to make a diet exciting. Dr. Ann certainly does try but I have always found it hard to concentrate when reading a self-help book of any kind. That is why I like her videos and newsletters even better. Every month I receive her newsletter via email and I go on her site and watch her new videos, view her recipes and tips. There are a few other things I really like:

* She really loves seafood and highly recommends it. Hooray! I do, too.

* She eats so many vegetables that she has an orange glow. I need an orange glow. It would probably be better than a tan.

* She uses big scientific words but she also explains herself -- great for a person who doesn't deal everything in big scientific words.

* She is very energetic and is obviously happy with her work.

* Even though she does sell a number of items on her website, there are quite a free resources. That is becoming rare these days.

* She also likes green smoothies.

I did lose a clothing size but I can't attribute it all to reading this book. I can't eat as many carbs as she recommends but I do like her advice, especially the recommendations based on studies like drinking water before meals helps with weight loss and eating fat-free dressings seems to slow absorption of phytochemicals. Great tips.

Here's her website if you would like to check her out.


  1. What a great post today! This is such good information and really 'hits home' for me:
    I was always blessed with a high metabolism & could virtually 'eat anything,' and not gain weight, until I turned 40. I know I need to walk more, eat less - and especially eat less, late at night!

    I will check out that website and thanks for sharing, Joanie

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