Monday, February 28, 2011

Southeastern Flower Show

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Southeast Flower Show at the Cobb Galleria near Atlanta -- which incidentally is still going on today. The theme this year was "In Tune With Flowers." I don't know who came up with this theme, but I can tell you I was very entertained by the exhibits and the theme was one of the chief reasons.

There were the usual exhibits of juried flower cuttings and potted flowers. That is always interesting. My flowers almost never compare.

And there are always some beautiful table settings. In the background, one of the speakers, Vince Dooley, in the background, is speaking to the audience in the Home Depot theater. As most Georgia garden enthusiasts know, Dooley is also a gardener as well as a famous former Georgia football coach. He was here speaking about his book on gardening and owing to the mad crush around him, quite an draw at the show.

This is one of the most unique water fountains I have ever seen, made from wind instruments. It was amazing.

I loved the small tables tucked into curtained "gazebo-like" structures. I would love to do that on my back porch.

The flowers on the table settings were not the only things to emulate. The dishes and decorations were beautiful.

Of course, I particularly liked the vegetable garden displays.

The flowers in this exhibit were gorgeous but I laughed out loud when I saw the name -- so imaginative.

And the "hats" in this exhibits were wonderful. This was one of my favorites -- loved the Audrey Hepburn photo in the background.

I did have the opportunity to photograph some beautiful and unusual cut flowers that were apparently lighted for that purpose.

One of my purchases, a Venus Flytrap.

I will have more on the interesting things I saw in the next few days.


  1. Great post today, Deberah - love all the photos, they are gorgeous! (The photo of the cut flower, lit-up, is so pretty).
    Between your post and Angela's post, I feel like I attended the show. Thanks so much for sharing, hope you have a wonderful week, Joanie

  2. It was a fun show this year! And like you, I think the theme had a lot to do with it!